Death at the Red Rose

This story is now available in my anthology:
Receiver cover2

3 thoughts on “Death at the Red Rose”

  1. Hi Giselle,
    How DO you manage to pack so much into your stories?
    Wonderful descriptive writing once again, and so fluid!

    • Many thanks! With this one, I tried to tell the story through narration, as when we speak we tend to be more concise than when we write prose. My OU course has gone through a phase of writing screenplays and radio drama, which rely on dialogue and images (sound or visual), rather than prose description.
      There are actually two narrators in the story, one is Dr Hougham, and the second is Bob Whitland. Bob’s narration is retold by Dr Hougham, which makes it easier to keep it short. G X

      PS. On reflection, there are actually two more narrators: Mrs Ashwyn telling her backstory, and the commercial traveller who sees the coach in the deserted inn!

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