A matter of time

This story is now available in my anthology
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8 thoughts on “A matter of time”

  1. Enjoyed this Gisele, though the details were a bit graphic for me personally and brought back memories,but from a writers point of view you have them spot on. Good Luck.

  2. I loved this piece of writing, felt that it showed empathy for the realities of living in todays society.

    • Thanks grant1960! Unfortunately, the story I am working on at the moment is a crazy piece based on Commedia dell’Arte and set in the early 18th century..I hope to finish it in time for the TCWG August competition.

  3. Good Luck !
    Think I`ll miss this one and hopefully catch the next one. Thinking of doing one of the OU courses, but not sure which one. Just failed my Higher English twice; always did very well in the composition section of my Standard grade. Managed to get a 2:2 Bs Honours Degree in Social Science with Politics and Economics; so think my essay writing is reasonably good. I was always told my writing was sometimes to flowery in early days at OU. So reckon I should have a go at short stories; very impressed with the pieces I`ve read on this site, I`m no where near this standard but would love to have a go.

    • Hi grant 1960, You might enjoy taking part in the Telegraph Creative Writing Group monthly competition. The advantages are that there is a set topic and a deadline, stories can be 500-3000 words, and anyone can enter a story for free. There is no prize other than a nice happy feeling and being allowed to choose a monthly theme for a later round. The best thing is getting friendly feedback from other writers. Most of the group are UK based, but there are also contributors from around the world. I really enjoy it, and try to get a story in every month, even if I’m not feeling particularly inspired or I’m busy doing other things. Have a look at http://my.telegraph.co.uk/groups/creative-writing/forum/ – and if you’re writing’s too flowery, all you have to do is go over it again and edit it with a pair of secateurs!
      As to the OU, I have got a lot out of their Creative Writing courses so far. I have now finished A174 and A215 and I’m starting A363 in September. (I’m enrolled in a BA in Humanities).
      Good luck with your writing and studies
      G X

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