Peace walls

This story is now available in my anthology:
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20 thoughts on “Peace walls”

  1. giselle, I found this story very moving… and think it is your best since I joined CW January this year. The back and forth works really well, along with your – well researched story. Really well done!
    Fizz x

  2. very strong, excellent read (as always) B

  3. Good Evening Giselle,

    I’ll read your story shortly. I’m sending this message to please ask you to look to the discussion tab for a new May-12 voting centre & if you’ve already voted to repost your votes there (if possible doing so after considering the new entries).

    The competition widget was essentially broken for a number of people, I’ve explained just how in the relevant discussion topic.

    Thanks in advance (looking forward to reading your tale)!

    Andy K

  4. Darkinbad the Brightdayler said:

    Very good, I thought. And well written. Nice to see someone tackling such a meaty subject, and in such an admirably unsensational style.

  5. Gazoopi said:

    I have read your story and am very impressed with the content.
    The difficult subject which you have tackled and the timeline theme have worked very well.
    It is very well written. Well done!

  6. Simply stupendous. Moving, saddening and thought provoking. Using your small story you skillfully comment on larger subjects. Thank you for creating this.

    • Many thanks rightlyknightly. It is a very sad subject unfortunately, and some of the background reading had me in tears. In particular a book called ‘Bear in Mind these Dead’ by Susan McKay, which was about killings on all sides and the long term effects on the victims’ families.

  7. primocat said:

    Hi Giselle,

    I’m really impressed how well you have evoked the place and time. A moving story where timeshift flows well to complete the tale. It is understated too. Very good!

  8. Very good and I can’t imagine the hell it must be to live in such a conflict zone.

  9. Not my usual light-hearted / sci-fi reading material, but I must admit, I’m very impressed. The story flows well, keeping me “in the moment” and has a very polished feel. It’s a shame really, as I had plenty of Waldorf and Statler quotes I wanted to use. 😉

    I’m just kidding of course; I knew that it would be good. I look forward to working my way through your back catalogue!

    Andy B. x

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