Mulcahy and Rivers

This story is now available in my anthology:
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3 thoughts on “Mulcahy and Rivers”

  1. This was an excellent story. However, through no fault of your own I got a bit lost – quite simply I don’t think 3’000 words is enough to give a complex, layered whodunit like this the time to really bed-in. I only got lost because I was trying to remember which character was which. But after a bit of rereading I really enjoyed it.


    • Many thanks rightlyknightly. This story was quite hard to write, it wasn’t a topic which inspired me and I started to write it without really knowing what was going to happen. When I got to about 2000 words I thought: ‘I have really got to draw this to a close now’ and I think that is why the story is a bit confusing and perhaps illogical in places. I accept your point about writing’fuck’ properly as well. Someone complained about swearwords a couple of months back, which discouraged me, but I should have just written it. Many thanks for taking the trouble to read and comment.

  2. Although one teeny, tiny thing. If you can say bitch, please don’t say f**k, just say fuck. No need to stop swearing if it fits the characters.

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