CIRC, the first Ten to One novel, is set in the seaside town of Skegness, amongst snack bars and seagulls, with an intriguing set of characters including a drunken clown, an old man with a gun in his kitchen drawer, an artist, a foster child, a sword swallower, an EMRT, a gangster or five, a teenage carer, a fading actress, a social worker, and an escapee from a cult community. Dark pasts, and a chicken factory staffed by Eastern Europeans add to the complexity. After each round of chapters one of the original 10 authors was voted out, and so I only wrote a teeny bit of this. But it’s been an adventure.

Circ coverA Receiver of Stolen Words: Anthology of 15 short stories with historical or time-shifting themes. Lost love, revenge, deception, and remembrance reanimate 18th century Paris, WW1 Mesopotamia, Victorian England, and contemporary Ealing, West London. Read about hurricane hunters in Florida, a haunted man lost in the Paris catacombs, and a steampunk computer built by Boulton and Watt.

Receiver of Stolen Words

‘A Receiver of Stolen Words’ is available as an ebook from Kobo, Amazon UK, and B&N. Also in print from Lulu.


TCWG 36 Short Stories Volume 4: The latest selection from the Telegraph Creative Writers’ Group. Our favourite stories over the last 12 months. Themes include ‘Deception’, ‘Revenge’ and ‘Weddings’, as well as short fiction and a little drama.

TCWG Volume 4


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